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Leonardo DeCatio and TomCat Cruise 

Click the photo for a video of these cuties playing. 

RESERVED  Purrfect Brits Leonardo DeCatio DOB 1.30.22 Male British Shorthair Blue spotted mackeral tabby. 

All pictures link to videos of this kitten. 

This adorable little guy enjoys soft pets, warm milk, and walks around the nursery with his brother TomCat Cruise. 


Purrfect Brits TomCat Cruise. DOB 1.30.22 

Male British Shorthair Black and Silver spotted tabby. 

This handsome boy loves to be pet. He also enjoys playing with his brother Leonardo, feathered toys, and warm milk. 

Pictures will be coming soon. 

Currently we have Leonardo Decatio available, we are expecting more kittens soon. Once the kittens are a little bigger we will take photos and post them. Then we will start contacting those on the wait list. 

Get on our waiting list. We will have more kittens available soon. 

We have received a very high amount of emails and inquiries. Here are answers to your questions.

Kittens are for pet only. Once proof of alter has been received the owner of the kitten will receive a TICA breeder slip to register their kitten.

Kittens come with 2 rounds of shots, and will be ready to go to their new homes at 12 weeks.

We do not deliver kittens. We would be happy to meet you at the airport if you are coming from far away. With this pandemic shipping is not an option.  

We have received calls for different colors of kitten. Mostly all we do is silver tabby with the occasional blue tabby. 

If you would like to contact us please call as we do not check email as often as we should. Call 315-430-3771. If you get an answer having to do with moving you called the right number. 

Our boy is the famous Cheshire cat from all the moving adds. 

Khaleesi has become a mascot just like her dad. 

Nala on the left Simba on the right From a previous litter, Kittysoftpaws and Cheshire. 

Nala, Khaleesi, and Simba 

Curious Kittens

Nala, Khaleesi, and Simba

Shipping in the US is usually available if you are not driving distance from us under normal circumstances. That fee is in addition to the 2000 for the kitten. However with Covid floating around we would rather not ship, this option is also not available with the airline at the moment.  

We recently started using Venmo for deposits 


Please Call Before sending a deposit!!! 

Reserve Kitten via square checkout 

Our Recent Work

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Cats having fun 

So purrfect

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Purrfect Kittens 

Purrfect Brit